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Quality Products

Economical Prices

One Stop Shop: In-house engineering, programing, set-up, grinding, threading, milling

and secondary operations, assuring the highest degree of quality control.



CNC Turning

Efficient CNC Turning Services with fast lead times and competitive pricing. We offer rapid prototyping, production runs, and everything in-between.

CNC Machining

Ideal for producing individual pieces in small or large batch quantities. Our mills can produce complicated shapes using various cutting tools.

Swiss Lathe Machining

Efficient machining – often a single heavy cut can remove all the necessary material. Excellent surface finish often eliminates the need for grinding – complex parts in one operation.

Increased capacity and shorter cycling times for high volume production. These machines productivity and reduce the time needed to complete a component.

Specialty Equipment & More

Mills, Drills, Thread Rollers, and Grinders offer that special touch your parts may need.

Finishing and Inspection

High-quality surface finishing services improve your part’s aesthetics and functions regardless of the manufacturing process used.

About Our Company

Wide Range of Equipment to Meet Your Needs

With our wide range of equipment, we are capable of machining materials from aircraft grade aluminums to specialty alloy steels, from rounds to extruded shapes, from quantities of 100 to millions, and from diameters of less than 1/16” to 2-3/8” from bar.

  • Close Tolerance (.0002″)
  • High-Precision
  • On-Time

Best Services

What Sets Us Apart

In-House Capabilities

Our tool making capabilities allow orders to be processed quickly and efficiently.

On-Time Production

Since all engineering, programming, as well as set-up grinding, threading, milling and most tooling and sundry operations are done in-house – our customers get their ‘to print’ components on-time!

Skilled Personnel

Our employees collectively have hundreds of years of experience within the industry – from our first piece produced in 1966, through the millions produced to date – our reputation as a supplier of precision machined components cannot be beat.

Over 175 Pieces of Equipment to Meet Your Needs

We are serious about manufacturing. This is why we have invested in over 175 pieces of equipment to be a one-stop-shop for all your machining needs.